10 best free font icons for web designers


These days font icons are becoming a more frequently used tool for web ui designers and developers. So what are these font icons anyways? Font icons are essentially font files with symbols and icons instead of alpha-numerical characters. These icons and glyphs will have font properties and it gives us [...]

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WPMU DEV Giveaway : 3 Annual Premium accounts worth $657 up for grabs..


On web2feel I try to promote giveaways of products and services that are most beneficial and relevant for our readers. In that sequence this time we have an awesome giveaway for you. WPMU DEV is giving away 3 annual memberships of their premium service, which is worth $657 combined. If you have [...]

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Few best free WordPress themes from January 2013


The standards of wordpress themes these days are set sky high, but almost all of them are paid themes. So do we always have to pay for a good quality wordpress theme ? not exactly . I have been looking around to find few good quality free wordpress themes released last month. Though [...]

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Webhosting giveaway of 2013 from Zyma for 5 lucky winners


Zyma, one of the UK’s top ranking Web hosting providers are back with us for another awesome giveaway. Their multi-award winning web hosting package offers the most attractive and comprehensive features for one the best prices on the internet. If you are lucky , you could win an annual web [...]

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Reasons and fixes for WordPress white screen of death

Angry businessman at laptop

Anyone working with a wordpress based website would have come across this dreaded white screen of death. It is a frustrating and panic settings thing to see that your website has just become a plane white screen and you have no clue of what happened. So what can we do [...]

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